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Frances L Simek Memorial Library


Frances L Simek Memorial Library
400 N Main Street
Medford, WI 51151

(715) 748-2505
Located at 400 N Main Street on the east side of Medford's Millpond sits the beautiful Frances L. Simek Memorial Library. Construction was completed and the facility opened on December 21, 1998. The staff, community and patrons are still in awe of the beautiful and spacious facility and the community support which made it possible.
Board of Directors
President                            Dan Miller
Vice President                Wendy Plawski
Secretary                           Theresa Gibbons
Rachel Hackel        Stacy Leonard
Jill Koenig       Laura Holmes
Maxx Handel - Director
Marlene Klemm - Youth Services
Emily Mueller - Public Services Specialist
Ariel Rinehart - Public Services Specialist
Roxy Robida - Public Services Specialist

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